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The 8 Traits of a Highly Successful Data-Driven Marketer [Infographic]

The-8-Traits-of-a-Highly-Successful-Data-Driven-MarketerData-driven is a word marketing professionals throw around like confetti. Today, being data-driven, or “numbers” driven, is commonplace in the marketing profession. However, as with any industry, there are certain traits that can help certain leaders stand-out from the rest. 

At WILY, we frequently communicate with marketers to ensure their engagement campaigns are meeting their goals. In most cases, these marketers require data collection and reporting, which gives us the opportunity to understand the characteristics of a true data-focused marketer. What traits should you look out for when assessing yourself, your team, and future company leaders? How do these marketers drive company growth with the help of data and insights? How do they communicate with their colleagues, and with vendors?

We’ve narrowed down the top 8 traits that are essential to an effective data-driven marketer. Of course, it’s possible for this list to be much longer, but these are the characteristics that set the “driven” marketers apart from the “data-driven” marketers.


So, without further ado, here are the top 8 traits of a highly successful data-driven marketer:




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