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How Marketers Can Modernize Pin-On-Pack Promotions

How-Marketers-Can-Modernize-Pin-On-Pack-PromotionsConsumer packaged goods (GPG) brands want to market smarter, not harder. In a recent report by AdExchanger, data shows that although spending is up 10%, CPG brands are cutting back the number of agencies they work with, while testing different agency models to maximize their marketing spend.

According to AdAge, the CPG industry spends around $225 billion on marketing, which includes spending on consumer promotions. As brands gear up for holiday promotions, it’s time for agencies to think long-term strategy, and start asking themselves, “How can I leverage these promotions year-round?” Michael Roth, CEO of IPG says:

“…marketing cuts are slowing as many brands recognize the value of marketing during low-growth periods.”

Here’s where “pin-on-pack” promotions can play a huge part of your ongoing agency strategy.

For those unfamiliar with “pin-on-pack” promotions, let’s take a second to break it down.

What Are “Pin-On-Pack”  Promotions?

Pin-on-pack is the process of printing and placing a pin code or any other unique identifier, such as a QR Code, on a consumer product. This code functions as an activation point for customers to participate in a particular marketing promotion. For example, Dr. Oetker used “pin-on-pack” promotions for their Find Giuseppe campaign. When customers purchased a pizza or panzerotti from Dr. Oetker, they could then enter in the activation code for free ballots into the contest. Sounds great, and it worked; the campaign earned over 80,000 entries and over 120,000 shares across social media. But the team behind the campaign asked, “What happens to the pins when the promotion is over?”


Good question. Anyone who has run a “pin-on-pack” promotion knows how rare it is for every code that is printed to be activated before the promotion ends. So, rather than ignoring these post-campaign activations, and deeming the pins useless, we prefer an alternative method.

Always-On for Pin-On-Pack Promotions

“Always-On” provides a solution for brands and agencies to continue utilizing their pin activations for ongoing campaigns, even after the initial campaign has ended. As we track and record all pins used, it’s possible to direct consumers to a new promotion and still capture their data. This is important because printing can take up to 6 months to complete, therefore, the next time you want to run a promotion, you could be waiting half a year to get the packaging for it. Instead, we recommend that you always have pins on your products, rather than per campaign. This saves you time, money, and speeds up your lead time. It also allows you to plan multiple promotions using the same tactic for an entire calendar year. This gives way to more creative thinking, and less time wasted.

It’s also a surefire way to make your clients happy.

The Limit Does Not Exist

In addition to CPG “pin-on-pack” promotions, brands and agencies can place “pins” on anything. In this promotion with Stella Artois, the agency on record created a unique contest using a pin activation.

As you can see, movie-goers were given the opportunity to enter their pin code into a microsite for a chance to win a trip for 2 to Augusta, GA for the 2018 Masters. The success of this campaign empowered Corona to launch the same tactic for their own promotion.

Interested in learning more? Speak to one of our experts about how the “always-on” solution can work for you.

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