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The Ultimate Checklist for Engaging Consumers in the 21st Century

The-Ultimate-Checklist-for-Engaging-Consumers-in-the-21st-CenturyEngaging consumers in the digital age has never been more personal as it is today. There’s so much talk about how the internet has eliminated face-to-face conversations, but that doesn’t mean communication has disappeared. In fact, we are more connected than ever before. 

We share intimate details about our lives more publicly, and share data with companies more openly than ever before. According to Marketing Week, consumers are actually willing to exchange their data for deals; 54% would be willing to share their email address to get lower prices.

However, this exchange of data is setting the bar higher for brands, and for their marketing teams.

IoT is creating a competitive market for customer personalization, and it’s only the beginning. For example, 62% of consumers agree that they would like it if loyalty offers they receive from brands/shops or sites related more closely to what they like. Additionally, 63% of consumers are interested in receiving offers tailored to what they had bought after a purchase.

It is now the marketers’ responsibility to navigate the extremely vast landscape for engaging consumers. A daunting task for even the most veteran of marketers.

That’s why it helps to have some clarity regarding the strategies that trigger customer engagement. As traditional channels fade slowly into the background, we must explore the emerging digital options that are coming to the forefront of the industry.

Although it’s an ever-growing and expanding space, this checklist may provide some certainty of the direction you’re heading in, or should be heading in.

Be sure to consider the following 20 tactics as you develop a path for engaging consumers in the 21st century.
(Feel free to save and print a copy for yourself, and share it with your peers.)

The Ultimate Checklist for Engaging Consumers in the 21st Century

So, have you checked them all off? Don’t worry. If you’re looking to integrate any of these tactics into your marketing programs, connect with us to speak to an engagement specialist. We’ll get your 21st century marketing up to speed!

White Paper: 2018 Consumer Engagement Trends Report

In this age of digital transformation, businesses need to take creative risks when it comes to their engagement strategy. Explore the top 10 marketing trends that are disrupting the way we engage consumers in 2018 and beyond.


  • Personalizing the Experience with Artificial Intelligence
  • Getting Immersive with Virtual Reality & Augmented Reality
  • Winning Over Your Customer with Contests and Sweepstakes
  • Interactive Case Studies from Dr. Oetker and adidas
  • Plus So Much More!

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