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The One Simple Secret to Improving Brand Engagement

Digital communications is making it easier than ever for brands to engage consumers. However, many companies still struggle to harness digital channels to their full potential. If you want to build brand awareness and increase sales, driving consumer engagement is crucial. The best way to do this is by creating digital campaigns that audiences can interact with and activate them in real-time.

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Why Marketers Who Leverage SMS Boost Consumer Engagement

The need to boost consumer engagement is pushing businesses to evolve and invest heavily in digital transformation. As more consumers make their phones a primary channel for communication and making purchases, there is a growing need to invest in mobile marketing. There are only a few messaging channels that are capable of delivering marketing messages en masse, which means marketers must take advantage of what’s readily available. A great way to reach the most customers and meet their real-time communication expectations on mobile is to utilize SMS with the other channels.

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Which Marketing Tactics Generate the Most Engagement?

Customer engagement is an area that many brands struggle to harness. Less than a decade ago, earned media, or news media, was a solid marketing tactic for brands to gain trust and engage the general public. However, 59 percent of U.S. consumers said “fake news” is making them more skeptical of what they read and see. Therefore, marketers must get creative with how they approach engagement marketing, and cannot rely on editorial content to deliver the boost in sales they’re hoping to achieve.

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One Simple Thing Marketers Can Do to Make Their Lives Easier

Marketers have a lot of their plates. Brands today are developing content at regular intervals and deploying it across their social channels in order to be in front of, and connect with their consumers 24-hours a day, 7-days a week. Marketing automation and digital marketing makes it more possible than ever to track and manage these programs, and the ability to easily collect and assess customer data is truly a timesaver for many marketing professionals. But how can marketers get more out of their campaigns without putting more time in?

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