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Enhancing Your Sponsorship Activations: Elevate Audience Engagement with the SPRY Software Platform


Digital solutions have become indispensable in Sponsorship Marketing, serving as a critical element within a campaign's strategy—even though they often represent merely one component of the overall activation.

Beyond leveraging sponsored assets to engage fans and audiences, brands are increasingly tasked with meeting KPIs related to data capture, lead generation, insight gathering, as well as enhancing product/brand awareness to ultimately drive sales and consumer loyalty.

In a marketplace saturated with competition and constant noise, carving out a distinctive presence demands both creative strategies and proven tactics.

For program success, it is crucial that sponsorship marketers:

  • Are equipped with the necessary tools to fulfill their objectives.
  • Can streamline the execution process.
  • Are able to launch on time and within budget.
  • Mitigate brand concerns associated with digital deployment and the collection of consumer data.

Enter SPRY software platform – an asset for sponsorship marketers aiming to make a significant impact with their activations.

Unleashing the Power of SPRY

SPRY software platform enables sponsorship marketers to deliver fast, creative, and cost-effective audience engagement solutions while simplifying security and compliance.

SPRY serves as a comprehensive solution to seamlessly integrate digital experiences into sponsorship marketing activations. It offers enhanced engagement tools, streamlines the deployment process, and ensures the secure capture and seamless transfer of data gathered from acquisition, lead generation, and insight collection efforts.

By simplifying the complexities often associated with digital activations, SPRY enables sponsorship marketers to focus on creating memorable experiences without sacrificing security or efficiency. This not only improves the overall experience but also provides a reliable and straightforward tool for achieving program objectives.

Ready-Made Tactical Tools

To simplify execution and enhance speed to market, SPRY equips sponsorship marketers with a range of prebuilt tactical tools that can be customized to meet their brand and program requirements, improve executional efficiency and audience engagement, and is compatible with a wide range of other technologies. SPRY is designed to make marketing executions both simpler and faster while remaining flexible and powerful.


In addition to audience engagement solutions, SPRY offers a variety of modules for such activities as data capture, contests, and gamification, among others. These modules are flexible and can be configured to suit a wide array of marketing requirements.

Maximizing Efficiency in Project Execution

With tighter budgets and compressed timelines, executing projects efficiently is key. SPRY solutions are modular and scalable, facilitating easy deployment across various locations, projects, and teams, while optimizing budgets and streamlining project execution through repeatable tooling.

Built for Speed

SPRY reduces the time it takes to get a program or campaign to market by streamlining the execution process which leads to a quicker launch timeframe of just 10 days following the approval of creative content. Additionally, it helps facilitate faster internal reviews with essential stakeholders, which can help to prevent delays in launching. 

Enhanced Security and Compliance

With data privacy being a topic frequently discussed at the boardroom table along with evolving privacy laws, SPRY boasts enhanced security features, including SOC2 Type II auditing, penetration testing, and GDPR compliance, ensuring robust protection throughout. It provides data encryption from acquisition to transport for enhanced security. This rigorous level of security not only safeguards the brand's interests but also bolsters your reputation as reliable and trustworthy.

Seamless Integration and Deployment

As a web-based platform, SPRY is compatible and flexible to integrate with various existing technologies such as enterprise systems, CRM platforms, apps, and websites. It's ability to either function independently as standalone microsite or within an existing technological ecosystem ensure efficient execution with minimal disruption to current operations.

In Good Company 

Leading brands such as Honda, Air Canada, Sobeys, Ontario Lottery & Gaming (OLG), and RBC, to name a few, have successfully utilized SPRY to execute their sponsorship marketing strategies. SPRY has also powered activations for major sports leagues, teams, and their partners, including MLSE, NHL, NFL, NBA, MLB, Toronto Maple Leafs, Chicago Blackhawks, and Chicago Bears. The proven success of SPRY underscores its effectiveness, assuring you and your program that you're in good company.

Setting the Stage for Memorable Sponsorship Moments

Think of SPRY as your go-to tool that simplifies your workload—making processes smoother, keeping data secure, and ensuring your sponsorship strategies are executed without a hitch.

Speak to one of our engagement experts to get started.

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