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Simplify Your Experiential Marketing Planning Season: Tips for Streamlining Your Digital Experiences

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Digital solutions are crucial in Experiential Marketing. Although often a small part of the overall activation, they significantly drive KPIs.

So, if you’re currently in the midst of XM planning and looking for digital tools to engage your audience, run contests, and hit KPIs in data capture, lead generation, and insight gathering, our SPRY platform has you covered, allowing you to focus on all the other items pulling at your attention.

Let’s explore how the SPRY software platform can simplify your planning process, enhance your XM digital experiences, and become your go-to solution, offering a comprehensive suite of tools for your execution arsenal.

Unleashing the Power of SPRY

  • Ready-Made Solutions: Enhance your XM strategy while improving executional efficiency and audience engagement with our suite of ready-made tactical modules -- engagement & education mechanics, data capture & lead generation forms, grand prize and instant win contest solutions, sponsorship activation gamification, trivia/quizzes modules and much more.
  • Enhanced Data Security and Compliance: SPRY mitigates brand concerns through stringent security measures, including SOC2 Type II audits, penetration testing, and GDPR compliance, ensuring consumer data is handled with the utmost security from acquisition to transport.
  • Seamless Integration: SPRY's web-based solutions are structure to integrate with a broad range of enterprise technologies, including CRM systems, apps, internal systems, and websites, facilitating a unified digital ecosystem.
  • Modular and Scalable: SPRY offers modular solutions that are easily scalable, allowing for simplified deployment across various locations, projects, and teams. This ensures your digital solution can evolve with your needs.
  • Streamlined Budgets and Execution: With SPRY, budgets are optimized, and project execution is streamlined through repeatable tooling, which significantly reduces time to market to just 10 days and minimizes launch delays and any associated costs.

XM Best Practices in Project Execution

In addition to the features offered by SPRY, here are some bonus XM best practices to further enhance your digital experiences:

  • Data Capture & Lead Generation: Gather essential attendee information and insights with data forms, surveys, and quizzes. Incentivize participation with contests, sweepstakes, and giveaways.
  • Engagement Mechanics: Incorporate gamification mechanics such as points, rewards, and challenges to increase engagement. Utilize interactive elements like voting and leaderboards to foster competition.
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  • Incentives and Reward Fulfillment: Consider digital rewards such as eGift cards and coupons to reduce costs associated with physical prize fulfillment. Manage onsite fulfillment of physical rewards through dedicated Brand Ambassador stations.
  • Onsite Devices: Utilize larger screen devices to promote your activation area and smaller devices like tablets to run your digital program. Encourage attendees to use their own devices for participation to increase engagement and reduce execution costs.

Furthermore, don't overlook the importance of ensuring a reliable internet connection onsite. Evaluate network needs, implement dedicated networks, conduct pre-event testing, and keep IT professionals available for real-time troubleshooting.

By following these tips and leveraging the capabilities of SPRY, you can streamline your XM planning process and create unforgettable digital experiences for your audience.

With SPRY as your digital solution partner, you can navigate XM planning season with confidence and ease. Reach out to your customer success representative today to explore how SPRY can support your event plans. Memorable experiences await!


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