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Running Viral Contests in Under 10 Days: Digital Strategies for Success

Contests and sweepstakes have always held a special place in the world of marketing. They tap into people's desire for freebies, allowing brands to increase their visibility without blowing their advertising budgets.

Contests also foster consumer engagement, offering marketers a cost-effective alternative to traditional social media marketing.

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Why Customer Engagement Is More Important Than You Think

As the competition for customer attention and brand loyalty escalates, consumers must decide what content is worth engaging with. In today’s highly dynamic and interactive business environment, the role of “customer engagement” in co-creating interactive customer experiences and value is receiving widespread attention from business practitioners and academics alike. It is suggested that customer engagement represents a strategic imperative for generating enhanced corporate performance, including sales growth, superior competitive advantage and profitability. The rationale being that engaged customers play a key role in viral marketing activity by providing referrals and/or recommendations for specific products, services and/or brands to others.

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How Savvy Marketers Will Activate their Super Bowl LIII Sponsorships

The Super Bowl is quickly approaching, and it’s fair to say that the only thing bigger than the game itself is the marketing and advertising supporting the event. While the Super Bowl is broadcast to over 100 million households around the world, and 75,000 live fans in a single day, digital channels are allowing marketers to form long-lasting brand impressions beyond the initial broadcast, and to more fans than ever before. As advertising and marketing evolves beyond traditional commercial spots (although we’ll see plenty of those, too), how will marketers spend their sponsorship activation dollars this year?

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Digital Engagements that Help Sports Teams Score Big with Fans

It may not be cold outside but hockey season is here, and there’s one thing that franchises across the nation are counting on to make this season better than the last; their fans.  It’s one thing to make good draft picks, and create a team that your fans young and old can cheer for. But it takes more than the initial euphoria of an all-star team to make fans care. Sports teams, whether its hockey, basketball, football or any other organization, rely on fan engagement for continued growth. So, how can you keep your fans craving more even when the home team is losing? Two words: Incentivize them.

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