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20 Questions You Need to Ask Before Running a Contest in Canada

Contests, or sweepstakes, are a great way to drive consumer engagement, increase sales, and collect important data for your organization. However, running a contest can be more complicated than it seems, and oftentimes marketers are left asking a lot of questions along the way. Interestingly, the rules of running a contest vary by region. Therefore, it’s important for marketers to know the right questions to ask, and prepare for, depending on where they plan to execute their campaign.

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From Around the Web: 8 Awesome Examples of User-Generated Content

User-Generated Content, also known as UGC, has gained momentum as a marketing strategy since the inception of social media. The ability to engage consumers so much that they will actively build content for you is invaluable to any marketer. However, creating a compelling UGC campaign rarely happens overnight. The ability to make consumers care enough about your product or your event, that they’re willing to spend time and social real estate on your brand is a creative and strategic process. In some instances, brands can utilize their own user data to create the content they need (i.e. Spotify), but it all starts with the consumer.

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