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How Growth Marketers Can Increase Sales with this Simple Solution

How-Growth-Marketers-Can-Increase-Sales-with-this-Simple-Solution-BannerMarketing isn’t all fun and games, but sometimes games can make marketing fun. By creating engaging brand experiences, marketers can effectively incentivize and activate consumers to purchase. But it can be difficult for brands and agencies to develop creative campaigns from the ground up. That’s why time-starved marketers turn to WILY for developing unique programs proven to move consumers to action.

Some of the most trusted brands rely on WILY to create their incentive programs, and we bet you’d never guess who. That’s because every experience is customizable and offers authenticity. Now, we don’t want to give away all of our trade secrets, but we can tell you how brands can use engagement mechanics to successfully activate customers and instantly drive sales.

In order to effectively explain this technique, we’ll use a program we executed with Sport Chek and the Edmonton Oilers. Below, we’ll uncover how Sport Chek activated fans in-arena with a flick mechanic.


Sport Chek, is the largest Canadian retailer of sporting clothing and sports equipment, and are a proud sponsor of  MLSE. To activate its sponsorship with the MLSE, or more specifically the Edmonton Oilers, Sport Chek wanted to create a campaign that would appeal to hockey fans during a live game.


Develop an in-arena activation that promotes Sport Chek’s sponsorship of the Edmonton Oilers while also engaging fans and driving them to retail. The Oilers previously executed a similar promotion, which crashed the Sport Chek website. This negatively impacted sales generated by the campaign. Therefore, ensuring the promotional website was able to handle a surge in traffic was a top priority for the program.



WILY was able to deploy a previously successful strategy and create a completely unique brand experience, in under 4 days.

On game day, Sport Chek invited fans in-arena to enter for the chance to win over 850 prizes on their smartphone by digitally shooting (flicking) a puck on a Edmonton Oilers branded goalie. (This engagement mechanic has also been used by the Chicago Bears to drive app downloads.) During the Edmonton Oilers game, all prizes were claimed onsite at one of three prize stations operated by Sport Chek Advisors.


Without fail, the promotional website handled the increase in web traffic initiated by the activation. More importantly, nearly 40% (almost 7,000) event attendees participated in the contest. The ability to activate so many target consumers at one time, is truly a remarkable success. Additionally, the campaign returned above average opt-in rates, while providing valuable consumer insights to Sport Chek and the Edmonton Oilers.

The speed, delivery, and effectiveness of this program, and the mechanic used to drive sales truly makes it a success story marketers can learn from, especially when considering their own engagement programs.

To read the complete success story and play the engagement mechanic yourself, just click here.

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