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5 Smart Marketing Moves Every Brand Should Make

Is your brand doing enough to market itself in the 21st century? As communication channels evolve, marketers have to think outside the box to deliver messages that stick. So, how can brands adapt to this changing landscape? There are many new tactics that brands can leverage to enable their marketing efforts. However, marketers should be ready to step outside their comfort zone to accomplish these goals.

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3 Mistakes from Failing Retailers that Marketers Can Learn From

What do consumers really want from brick-and-mortar retailers today? As rumours swirl that the retail giant Forever 21 is preparing to file for bankruptcy, it begs a few questions: What did they do wrong? But more importantly, what can they do better? The news cites poor decision making on the retail level, which includes a number of missteps since the peak of Forever 21’s success. However, they are far from the only budding retailer to suffer such a blow. Aeropostale, American Apparel, Wet Seal, Claire’s, Toys ‘R Us, among others are amongst those forced to declare bankruptcy in recent years.

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7 Reasons Why Contests and Sweepstakes Will Never Die

Winner! Gagnant! Is there any better feeling than the shock and surprise of winning something? Contests and sweepstakes are a great way to engage and attract consumers, and create a connection with your brand. It ranks amongst the few marketing tactics that withstand the test of time. However, we cannot ignore evolution, and though some strategies will prevail, innovation is inevitable. As a marketing strategy that continues to see results from brands big and small, contests and sweepstakes are significantly different from their original conception. Today, digital transformation plays a huge role in the success of these programs. In fact, marketers rely on the digitization of contests and sweepstakes for a number of reasons.

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