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What Customer Engagement Will Look Like In The Future

There’s nothing certain about the future, but by analyzing common trends, we can attempt to visualize where we are going. When referring to customer engagement, there is one trend that remains steadfast year-over-year. Can you take a wild guess what it is? If you guessed “personalization” then congratulations, you’re thinking like most marketing professionals today.

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How Savvy Marketers Will Activate their Super Bowl LIII Sponsorships

The Super Bowl is quickly approaching, and it’s fair to say that the only thing bigger than the game itself is the marketing and advertising supporting the event. While the Super Bowl is broadcast to over 100 million households around the world, and 75,000 live fans in a single day, digital channels are allowing marketers to form long-lasting brand impressions beyond the initial broadcast, and to more fans than ever before. As advertising and marketing evolves beyond traditional commercial spots (although we’ll see plenty of those, too), how will marketers spend their sponsorship activation dollars this year?

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