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7 Free Reports About the Digital Experience (DX) Worth Your Time

When we refer to the “digital experience”,  we’re referring to the way marketers incorporate digital into the customer journey to acquire data and ultimately create more personalized experiences. Why should you care about the evolution of digital experiences? Well, according to Salesforce, 52% of consumers indicated that they are likely to switch brands if a company doesn’t personalize communications to them. By crafting engaging digital experiences, marketers have an opportunity to captivate consumers like never before, and with the help of the digital experience (DX) ecosystem, can leverage those relationships over and over again.

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Why Investing in XM Technology Works [Infographic]

We’ve all been to that one concert or event; the speaker or performer gets up on stage and tells everyone to put down their phones. You know the one. They tell you to fully embrace the experience without the aid of your mobile device. We totally understand the sentiment, but the truth is, today, our smartphones help us to fully experience events. The ability to record, connect, and engage at an event is an important part of our experience. It makes us feel good. So rather than seeing digital technology as a distraction, let’s embrace this technology for what it is; a portal for engaging XM experiences.

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