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3 Ways to Tell If Your Brand Activations Are Working

Brands and agencies are beginning to understand the importance of developing their brand activations for the digital age. Traditional advertising and marketing communications are no longer resonating with target audiences, and brands must adapt to a growing need for hyper-personalization. Many brands are now creating experiential marketing activations, and leveraging digital technology to enable more effective campaigns. A lot of time and preparation goes into developing memorable brand activations. However, many marketers struggle to measure the success of their activations, so it’s important to understand where your ideas are most impactful.

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Why Customer Engagement Is More Important Than You Think

As the competition for customer attention and brand loyalty escalates, consumers must decide what content is worth engaging with. In today’s highly dynamic and interactive business environment, the role of “customer engagement” in co-creating interactive customer experiences and value is receiving widespread attention from business practitioners and academics alike. It is suggested that customer engagement represents a strategic imperative for generating enhanced corporate performance, including sales growth, superior competitive advantage and profitability. The rationale being that engaged customers play a key role in viral marketing activity by providing referrals and/or recommendations for specific products, services and/or brands to others.

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10 GIFs That Explain How Great Brand Experiences Feel

The brand experience is arguably the most valuable aspect of customer engagement today. The ability to win consumers over and activate sales through incredible brand experiences is integral to the success of businesses today. By creating experiences that matter and are shareable brands can attract and engage customers over a long period of time. For example, 98% of consumers create digital or social content at events and experiences and 100% share the content. Additionally, 72% of consumers say friends’ posts about branded experiences makes them more likely to purchase from said brand.

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